Our Specials

Lighting Timer Adjustment Special

Now that we have left Daylight Savings time behind and the evening hours are darker. Let us help you adjust your lighting timer!

Special Timer adjustment service for $85

Irrigation Winterization Special

Keep those irrigation systems protected from the cold with an irrigation winterization service! 

Pricing starts at only $125 for up to 5 zones

America Beautyberry Spotlight Shrub of the Month

This NC native shrub grows approximately 3-5 feet tall and usually 3-5 feet wide. It is in the mint family and prefers full sun to part shade. Each season the Beautyberry brings magnificent color to your landscape bed. In the spring, it has green leaves. Then in the Summer, it manifests small flower clusters, then it displays purplish to blueish berries in the fall. These fruits may even last into early winter. This remarkable shrub can also help repel mosquitos when its leaves are crushed! It truly is a standout!

Add one to your landscape for only $35!

Delivery and installation fee not included

We offer customized and affordable solutions for your unique lawn and ladscaping needs. 

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