May Specials

Happy Spring!!

1. Cool Season: Special fertilizer, broad leaf treatment and grassy weed treatment $86.00 for up to 10,000 square feet of turf space. This gets a broadcast spray and spot treatment of grassy weeds. You also get micronutrients, high nitrogen fertilizer for greening and growth, potassium for the over health of the turf crop. There is a small dose of chelated iron in our micro fertilizer to help the absorption of the nutrients, a herbicide to control pesky broadleaf weeds, and spot treatment of specialty herbicide to start knocking back pesky grassy weeds.

2. Warm Season Turf: Let's start waking up the dormant bermuda or zoysia with some fertilizer! Starter blend of fertilizer for warm season turf, micro nutrients, pre-emergent and broad leaf herbicide. Fertilizer to aid in the green up, micros to add long term health benefits, a pre-emergent to hold back the grassy weeds and broad leaf weeds and post-emergent to attack the already present broad leaf weeds. $75 for 10,000 square feet or less! Contact us today!

3. Black, brown and red dyed mulch 10% off product delivery fee for the DIY mulch folks! If you want us to supply and install the mulch, we are offering 10% off the mulch only. Our labor and delivery is at our normal rates.