Our Specials

Black, Brown and Red dyed Mulch

10% off product delivery fee for the DIY mulch folks! If you want us to supply and install the mulch, we are offering 10% off the mulch only. Our labor and delivery is at our normal rates.

Warm Season Turf | Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns

Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns now is the time to start protecting your lawn against those pesky winter weeds with a pre-emergent application. We will combine that with fertilizer micronutrient application and spot treatment of current weeds for $86.50 up to 10,000 square feet of turf. If you mention the website special, we will take an additional 5% off.

We have other treatment options available, along with granular options, and organic options.

Cool Season Turf Special | Fescue Turf Grass

Aeration season is quickly approaching. Aeration lets air and nutrients down into the root zone to aid in a more healthy lawn. Aeration also loosens the compact soil to allow for better root growth. Our aeration service starts at $125.00. This is also the time for overseeding your lawn as well as fertilization.

These services can all be packaged together or sold individually. Contact us today to get on the schedule or for our package pricing for seed and fertilization.

Annual Flower Power

We know it is still hot outside but we need to start thinking about those lovely pansies, violas, Kales and cabbages. We will have multiple different varieties available this year. We can deliver straight to your door in the charlotte area, and we can also install your plantings, make you an arrangement, or follow your plan. We will also have mums of multiple colors available this fall.

Contact us for more information on availability and pricing.

We offer customized and affordable solutions for your unique lawn and ladscaping needs. 

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