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Lucky Leprechaun!

Kick off your Spring with a fresh landscape! Get 10% off a landscaping project with mention of this ad! Paperwork must be signed in the month of March.


1. This application is a granular pre-emergent with a blended fertilizer. Get a greener turf with less weeds for your cool season turf. This application aids in slowing the germination of weeds and adds essential nutrients to the turf to aid in turf growth.

SPECIAL PRICE OF $87.50 for up to 10, 000 square feet

(Please note there is no post emergent control in this application) The additional spray for post emergent to aid in control of broadleaf weeds is $20.00 additionally for up to 10,000 square feet of turf space.

2. $65.00 for post emergent control of broadleaf weeds. This is a spot spray of already germinated and visible weeds in your turf. This spray is just to control already present broadleaf weeds. One spray may not always kill all weeds but will slow them down and control most of them.

Warm Season Turf Special:

1. Spring Aeration for Warm Season Turf! Aeration helps avoid soil compaction and allows water, nutrients, and fertilizers to reach the grass roots more effectively! $135 for turf sizes of 10,000 sq ft or less.

2. Pre- emergent weed control and post emergent weed control for weeds that have already sprouted and to delay further weeds from popping up on warm season turf. $87.50 for up to 10,000 square feet of turf space

California Trimmer Mowers!

Reel Mowers are best used for Warm Season turf and for getting a great cut at a low height. We have a special partnership with Shields Reels! The Combo of a Reel Mower plus our high-quality Turf Care Services and your lawn will surely be the talk of the street!

20” Classic Reel Mower
7 Blade / Honda GX-120 / Smoothed Front Roller
All machines come with a catch pan and a 2 year warranty.


25” Commercial Reel Mower

7 Blade / Honda GX-160 / Smoothed Front Roller

All machines come with a catch pan and a 2 year warranty.


Something new with Lawn Impressions Turf Care Programs this year!

Top dressing is a new service we will be offering! Top dressing is the process of applying a thin layer of compost to the turf to add essential nutrients to your turf. Top dressing can be applied to Warm season and Cool season turf!

We have available 3 types of top dressing:

  • Organic Compost has decayed leaves & grass compost, vegetable compost, and many other nutrients good for the turf. Has some small bark and sticks (not recommended if Reel mowing)
  • OMRI Certified organic Compost (A Certified organic blend) Has some small bark and sticks (not recommended if reel mowing)
  • Soil 3! The famous Soil 3 from Super Sod in the big yellow bag!! Best of the best! We can’t find anything better (highly recommended for Reel mowing)

We also will offer Sand leveling:This is the process of spreading the sand over the lawn to make the lawn more level for a smoother, more even manicured lawn and for easier mowing!!

  • PGA certified sand! Best of the Best! A very fine golf course grade of sand. This is great for leveling out Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns.
  • White sand: Still good but may contain some larger not so fine sand particles.

Remember the above is not always a one and done type of application and service. All lawns are crops and we have to manage, continuously feed, and nurture the lawns to get that really nice talk of the neighborhood look. Trust us to help make that happen with our turf program, sand leveling, and top dressing programs.

We offer delivery of materials for you DIY People or we can do all the work for you!

Get all your Spring and Summer plant needs in ONE place!

For a flat of 18 plants, we offer a selection of:

Petunias and Begonias

We also offer flats of 10 plants in 4.25’’ cups.

These plants have been growing longer at the nursery and thus are larger and more established.

A flat of 10 terracotta 4.25’’ pots, we offer:

Vinca Soiree

Verbena Endurascape

Zinnia Zahara Double

Double Begonias

Big Begonias

Begonia Nonstop


Double Impatiens

Sun Impatiens

SuperCal Petunias

Potunia Petunias

Crazytunia Petunias

Multiple colors available!!

A flat of 10 Proven Winners Plants in 4.25’’ pots

we offer a selection of:


in Bordeaux, Bubblegum, Picasso in Purple, Raspberry Rush, Royal Velvet, Silverberry, Vista Jazzberry, Vista Fushia


in Iced Cherry, Peachy Keen, Raspberry, Red, Royal Violet Ice, Sparkling Amethyst, Sparkling Rose, Stormburst, Whiteout


in Luscious Berry Blend, Luscious Citron, Luscious Citrus Blend, Luscious Grape, Luscious Maramlade, Luscious Pinkberry Blend, Luscious Royal Red Zone

Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

in Blue Moon Punch, Cherry Red, Cherry Star, Coral Sun, Dreamside, Evening Star, Grape Punch, Honeyberry, Lemon Slice, Pink, Pomegranate Punch, Red, Tangerine Punch, Tropical Sunrise, White, and Yellow


in Double Up Pink, Double Up Red,

and Double Up White


We also have a selection of

vegetable and herb plants available!

Not sure what to get? Let us help you pick!

We can help with planning, designing, and planting!

Contact us at contact@lawnimpressionsnc.com 

for an order form!

We offer customized and affordable solutions for your unique lawn and ladscaping needs. 

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